August 2017 Agenda

Charlotte Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors


Meeting Date: Aug. 15, 2017

Location: UF/IFAS Charlotte County Extension Service

    Time: 9:00 a.m.

    25550 Harbor View Road, Suite 3

    Port Charlotte, FL 33980

    Training Room A   or East Conference Room               Phone 941/764-4352

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of minutes of meeting held:  July 18, 2017 – Thomas Hecker
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Chuck Rinehart
  4. Partners and Staff Reports- Activities of Natural Resources Conservation ServiceIsrael Vega-Marrero District Conservationist and/or Jeremy Ansel to Discussion of M.O.U. and Compliance Documents and adoption of same. Conduct Annual Local workgroup discussion during new business.

Activities of Southwest Florida Water Management DistrictPatricia Robertshaw

Activities of Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Patricia Hobson P.W.S.  Environmental Specialist III Office of Agricultural Water Policy Mathew Warren Environmental Specialist III Office of Agricultural Water Policy

Activities of Institute of Food and Agriculture SciencesRalph Mitchell Extension Director

Activities of the South Florida Water Management District- Steven Sentes SFWMD

  1. New Business-  Local work group Presentation by Natural Resources Conservation Service –Israel Vega-Marrero District Conservationist
  2. Old Business

             Update – Powerpoint, Discuss a County budget request not limited but to include all regional, state and national dues and also a review of the shared staffing arrangement/ agreement and office accommodations.  We need to request the county contact list and their annual budget. We need to know what if any funds we are working with are inside of UF/IFAS budget or at least how we fit into their planning. We should also consider asking the BCC to assign a County Commissioner staff or board member to sit in on our meetings as they did with ARAC.  Additionally, we need to discuss funding sources like The Community Foundation or the like. I think we can come up with something that will make some additional seed money to support our organization so we will have the ability to go out and do something positive.  We also need to address finishing the website.

  1. Supervisor’s Reports

Supervisor Lang report on statewide AFCD meeting

  1. Next Meeting –  September 19, 2017